Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Butterfly Twists Ballet Pumps: Review*

Butterfly Twists - Amber Zebra* (£40)

I think that we all know by now that I have a little addiction to shoes and I've always had my eye on a pair of Butterfly Twists. This lovely company is all about comfort and fashion and let's face it, we all need this on our feet, especially with the way were work and play. I work in retail so I am on my feet for 40 hours a week so I always need a pair of comfy shoes in my bag for when I'm getting home and these ballet pumps are really great for throwing on when I'm leaving work and running for the tram (which I do waaaay to often) to get home asap.

Butterfly Twists have something for everyone and there were loads of amazing styles but these were totally up my street with the cobalt blue and zebra print. I love how in your face they are and they are totally different to anything I had already and seeing as I can fold them up and pop them in my bag, it's great! They are super comfortable and they'll be coming out with me on my birthday night out (just in case) so I can dance a little better and get home easier.

What do you think of foldable shoes?

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