Tuesday, 5 April 2016

UncommonGoods Review*

Recently, the very lovely people at UncommonGoods asked me if I would like to do a review* for them and after looking at their site, I would have been a fool to pass up the opportunity. UncommonGoods, I would say, is like a mash up of Not On The High Street and Etsy but some of the bits on there are stuff I have never seen before. I picked out quite an array of items to show you guys, from a wide range of gifts so prepare to be amazed. One little note though, not everything on the site can be shipped everywhere, so just have a look see when you get on there. All the items I picked could be shipped to the UK, so here we go!
Pig Eyeglasses Holder - £26.89

This little piggy was always coming home with me and you can find him here. I actually specifically got this for my mum as she is the biggest fan of pigs and it was just a perfect little present, especially as she's using her glasses more for reading. Just such a lovely present for someone.

Teal and Grey Leaves Reversible Sleep Mask - £7.47

I absolutely love sleep masks, especially as my curtains aren't black out, so I'm always using them. This one is really comfortable to sleep in and is really great at keeping out the light, always handy for a sleep mask! 

Literary Candles - £11.95

As soon as I saw this, I had to have it. You all know I'm a crazy book reader and the thought of reading a book, and smelling it was too much to handle. I got Pemberley from Pride & Prejudice but I seriously think I'm going to order the other three soon. I've not started burning this one yet, but the smell is magnificent and it's just what I thought Pemberley would smell like.

Tube-Wringer - £18.63

I think about 2 years ago, Estee from Estee Lalonde was chatting about a tube-wringer she'd bought and I seriously have thought of buying one since then but they can be a little expensive. I seriously just wanted to play around with one and when I saw this on the site, I knew it had to be mine. It's so simple to use, and no toothpaste is slipping past my fingers now!

Bedside Essentials Pocket - £14.94

I am one of those people that has a million and one things on their bedside table, and I hate it. It gets cluttered, but I need it all. This has pretty much changed it all. I keep most of those little bits in here now and it's just right there next to me without getting in the way.

Flavour Infuser Water Bottle - £11.20

I've been meaning to get a water bottle like this for ages, and I am so glad I finally have one. It has changed the way I drink, and my favourite flavour; ginger and mint. I would definitely recommend this just because it makes drinking water that so much nicer. 
The whole experience of ordering and receiving from UncommonGoods has been brilliant. The items came in around a week and I was really surprised by that. It was packaged beautifully and nothing got damaged in transit. I think I definitely will be using this site again, especially for presents as it really has something for everyone. Items from home, prints, furniture and bookends (my personal favourite) can all be found here, here, here and here so I would definitely recommend having a gander.

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