Monday, 25 April 2016

Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream

Picture of Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream

Picture of Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream

Picture of Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream
Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream (£20) - Feel Unique

Have you ever found an eye cream that immediately became part of your routine and you feel instantly in love? Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream is a smooth, brightening and moisturising eye cream that had helped the skin around my eyes so much. I have dry skin, so I need to be completely on top of my skincare routine, especially around my eyes, which can get very dry. Since using this eye cream twice a day, I've seen a difference in how my under eyes look. The vitamin C that is part of the wild rose plant has helped correct the texture around my eyes, making it a lot softer. This has just made applying concealer that much easier and keeping my makeup looking great. All in all, my dark circles have significantly decreased, the dryness is kept under wrapped and the texture of my skin has become so much nicer. All I can tell you is that I'm really enjoying using this product and the benefits I'm getting from using it everyday and if you need something that gives you all of this, go for it. You can get it from Feel Unique (here) and ASOS (oh hello student discount) so just pop it in your next haul.

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