Monday, 16 November 2015

Top 5 Brands I Trust

As bloggers, we all have brands that we constantly go to and trust above others. For me, a trusted brand means that I know that the product will be 100% or even that the customer service will always go above and beyond what is need. We all might have differences to our trusted brands but I wanted to share my list with you guys because I'd love to see other posts on this same thing.

Trustworthy brands including Liz Earle, Lush, Clarins, Cath Kidston and Marks & Spencer

Liz Earle // My mum has been using Liz Earle for at least 20 years, and this is translated straight to me. For my entire childhood, I watched my mum take off her make up with Cleanse & Polish and I swear, the reason my mum looks 10 years younger than she actually is is because of Liz Earle. She swears by this brand, and now, so do I. I used Liz Earle everyday and everything I use is absolutely perfect, without exaggeration. 
Current Favourite Item // Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

Cath Kidston // I've loved Cath Kidston for so long I have no idea when the obsession first started. I actually have a purse I got for Christmas 3 years ago and it is still genuinely perfect. I can't believe that it still looks so good after so long. I always seem to buy things like mugs and small accessories from Cath Kidston but I've still not bought a full size bag, I will one day.

Current Favourite Item // Winter Rose Embossed Zip Wallet

Lush // Oh Lush, you make bath time so much more fun. With all the crazy bath bombs and comforting bubble bars, you know you're going to find something in Lush. Lush has an amazing reputation for having an amazing customer service, especially in store. The staff are always helpful and happy and just make the experience to much more than it is. All the items they sell are vegan and great for sensitive skin issues, oh thank you Lush.
Current Favourite Item // Cinders Bath Bomb

Clarins // I've only recently become a Clarins addict in the past couple of years but I wouldn't look back at all. The customer service I have received on counter has been second to none, and Clarins usually have loads of incentives as well. I usually wait to buy my usual items when they have an offer of some samples to try, which I always love from brands I use every day. 

Current Favourite Item // Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

Marks & Spencer // Now, let's face it, Marks & Spencer hasn't always been fantastic with offerings for a younger market but that has changed now guys. I have found so many amazing things in M&S including the most perfect coats and boots. I love looking around M&S now, especially their food hall; they have the most amazing deli I have ever seen. Everything is amazing quality so you know what you're buying will last.
Current Favourite Item // Faux Suede Block Heel Chelsea Boots

Trustworthy brands including Liz Earle, Lush, Clarins, Cath Kidston and Marks & Spencer

What are your most trusted brands?

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  1. Lush is definitely one of the brands I trust most too! That and Body Shop! x


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