Friday, 20 November 2015

Fashion Heaven & Hell

Personal style is such a wonderful thing and I love seeing these posts on how to style items I wouldn't have personally picked up myself but I think we all have a personal fashion heaven and hell.

Fashion Heaven // Let's start with the lovely bit, my fashion heaven. I usually have my go to style which is three things; slogan or funny t-shirts, anything grey and sleeveless blazers. Slogan t-shirts have always been a thing of mine; I used to buy loads of cartoon ones from New Look in 2007. Oh wow, that's just terrifying now. I've now evolved some and own a lot of t-shirts, usually from ASOS, that make people laugh, and myself. Moving on, grey has to be favourite fashion colour, I feel so comfortable in grey and I think it goes with everything. Now, for a real favourite, the sleeveless blazer. I remember these coming into work for the first time and loads of the girls were really undecided on them, I, however, launched myself into them. I love layering and sleeveless blazers are the perfect layering tool, especially at work when you don't want to be too warm. Just perfect.

Fashion Hell // Now for the not so nice bit, my fashion hell. This item is actually something I absolutely love but they just don't suit me; the high or turtleneck. Seriously, this really does bum me out, they look amazing on so many people and I pop them on and I look like a doughnut. They make me look huge, especially in the boob department. Alas, what can I do?! Another major disappointment, leather trousers. I love them and yet again, they just don't suit my stumpy legs, silly stumpy legs. They are just so lovely, and I'd love a pair for the Christmas period, with two Christmas parties coming up but I'll just have to stick with black skinnies which moves us into the last hellish thing, finding jeans that fit. Why is this actually the hardest thing to do? I try on multiple jeans in my size and they all fit in crazy ways. I just don't get it, why is it so hard for the high street to make their sizing match?! I seem to be okay with petite New Look at the moment so yay. 

What is your Fashion Heaven & Hell?


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