Thursday, 19 November 2015

Essential iPhone Apps

Oh, the iPhone, where would we be without the iPhone, or just smart phones in general. They pretty much keep us going these days, especially when we desperately need to google something on the go. I currently have an iPhone 5c and I cannot wait to upgrade in April, I will most definitely be investing in a rose gold 6s, let's face it. Ultimate blogger phone. 

Picture of essential and favourite iPhone apps

ASOS // Can we count ASOS essential? I'm going with yes. I absolutely love scrolling through ASOS and adding things to my wishlist. It's probably not great for my bank balance to have this app waiting for me but AH WELL. Thanks for the pretty things ASOS.

Facebook // I'm not the biggest fan of Facebook anymore but I am part of a lot of blogging groups which really do make blogging a lot easier and more fun. So I am happy to ignore all the crazy comments for making my blogging life that little bit happier.

Trainline // For somebody that uses trains 5 days a week, this is completely essential. Seriously, I have just watched a trainline advert whilst writing this paragraph, oooooh. What I love about trainline is that it even tells you the platform number and makes it easy to purchase a ticket when needed. Thanks guys, making trains a little easier.

Twitter // Where the heck would we be without Twitter? So many friends and opportunities have come from this platform and I just love using it. I share most of my content on there for Dainty Desires and get a lot of traffic from Twitter; and those blogger chats, they are just the best.

Uber // I know there has been a lot of uproar about Uber and how they are taking business from everything taxi driver but you know what, I'd rather use Uber personally. Uber is a taxi service you can order from an app on your phone and set using GPS. The driver knows exactly where you are and you know exactly who he is if anything goes wrong. It is also attached to your bank card so you don't need to carry cash, perfect for a night out.

VSCO & Instagram // I added these two together even though VSCO is pretty new for me. VSCO is a photo editor and I'm starting to use it more often for Instagram so my photos are all similar. We all know you love a good Instagram theme, it looks lovely and I know I'm more likely to follow someone, so I obviously need to get on it.

Picture of essential and favourite iPhone apps

What are your essential apps?

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  1. Love this post - most of my essential apps are generally the same, except for really daft ones like where to find the nearest public toilet when you're in a new place or drunk mode. Still essential though, haha!


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