Monday, 23 November 2015

Breakout Manchester: Review*

Last week I went to Breakout in Manchester and if you don't know what that is, it is a live escape room game. You are basically locked in a room for an hour and you have to figure out how to hot foot it out of there with the clues and puzzles around the room. 

Picture of review of Breakout in Manchester

Picture of review of Breakout in Manchester

This isn't my first time at Breakout, it's actually my third time so you know I obviously love it but when the lovely people behind Breakout asked if I wanted a free game to review on here I quite literally jumped at the chance. I've been wanting to go again for a while so I asked my friend Bethany along with me and my fiancé for a smashing time. We chose the room 'Sabotage' which is a 5 star difficulty room with only a 20% chance of escape, we were so ready for the challenge!

In Sabotage you are going deep behind enemy territory to stop a missile strike that is heading straight to Manchester. OH NO. This room is so completely intense, and so completely hilarious which ended up with me half way through the escape on my front with 6 seconds to spare. 6 SECONDS. I have seriously never been so happy in my life. Breakout is one of those things you need to try for yourself and come out with such a smile on your face (well, if you escape!) If there is something like this in your city, GO FOR IT. Or just come to Manchester, I'll come with you! There is also a Breakout in Liverpool as well which I'm going to try once I finish the rooms in Manchester.

Picture of review of Breakout in Manchester

Would you give Breakout a go?

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  1. We tried to do this for our Christmas party but they were all booked up. I've never been but can't wait to go! We're heading to this one in the new year! Glad you see you escaped on a super hard one. I'll probably be sulking in a corner someone refusing to leave if I fail haha!

    Hannah xx


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