Friday, 16 October 2015

Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

Picture of Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

Picture of Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

Picture of Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks
From left to right: MAC Rebel, Charlottle Tilbury Birkin Brown, Topshop Boardroom, Topshop Straight Ace and Bare Minerals Pink Champagne

I'm jumping on the blogging bandwagon and I've decided I actually really do love Autumn, and with this new found love, I am giving you my Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks. I'm totally all over lip colours in the colder months because I naturally gravitate to darker shades as you can tell from my top 5. MAC Rebel is a blogger favourite and we all love this berry shade. I usually wear it with MAC Currant lip liner underneath to make it much darker but Rebel on its own is stunning. I've only just bought Charlotte Tilbury Birkin Brown and I fully blame Katie from Gold Dust for this purchase. I am totally in love with this matte chocolate brown that was inspired by Naomi Campbell and can't stop popping it on. I've had Topshop Boardroom for a while and it's another dark brown nude shade that I can't get enough of. This is a lot cooler than Birkin Brown so it brings a new shade into my top 5. Another Topshop lipstick has creeped its way in in the shade of Straight Ace, a creamy finish in an absolutely out of this world shade. I definitely needed a bright purple in this post because it's a shade I love! The final lipstick is Bare Minerals Pink Champagne; I wanted to add a shade that is very everyday and easy to wear. Pink Champagne is obviously a pink shade but it has elements of darkness to it which obviously I love.

Do you have an Autumn favourite?


  1. I love Rebel. It's one of the few darker lipsticks I own that I feel confident enough to wear. x

    Jordan Alice

  2. Mac Rebel is my all time favourite Autumnal liptick. You have great picks in here beaut! Xx

    every LiTTLE thing07


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