Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Sunday Edit #1

Do you know those posts that you've always loved reading and never got round to recreating yourself? Well, the Sunday Edit has always been that post. I absolutely love to hear what people do with the day of rest, especially as I don't usually get a Sunday off working in retail. I thought I'd let you know how my week went, in the ranges of eating, reading and watching; so here it goes.

Picture of The Sunday Edit

Eating // I've been stuck in the house all week this week so I've not been able to go anywhere but I've recently got some Tic Tac Mixers in Cherry and Cola flavour; they are amazing. It's so odd to get this kind of flavour from a Tic Tac, but I'm totally on board.

Reading // I've finished two books this week and they were both by Amy Ewing. The White Rose and The House of the Stone. The White Rose is the second of a trilogy called The Lone City; a YA dystopian collection and I couldn't put it down. It is basically The Handmaid's Tale meets The Hunger Games and it's seriously brilliant. The House of the Stone is a novella which is part of same collection and is a lovely addition to keep you going. I've now started The Girl at Rosewood Hall by Annis Bell which a mystery set in the Victorian era, perfect.

Watching // This week as I've been off work with torn and strained ankle ligaments, I found myself catching up on Educating Cardiff and I have absolutely fell in love with the kids and the teachers. They are such an inspiring bunch and if you liked any of the Educating series on Channel 4, give this a go.

Wearing // Floral shirts like this one from Blue Inc, MAC Spirit and MAC Spice are my go to wears this week. MAC Spirit is a perfect 'my lips but better' shade but with Spice underneath, it transforms it into my absolute perfect nude. It suits my skin tone so nicely and I can't get enough. Shirts are usually my go to everyday staple; a pair of jeans and some tan boots and I'm good to go!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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