Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Sunday Edit #3

Eating //  Lo and behold, I'm still pretty much house ridden because of the torn ligaments in my ankle and I've not been able to go out and do anything but I have been slightly addicted to Barr Bubblegum. Seriously, does anybody remember this from when we were kids?! It tastes like rainbow dust sherbet and is less calories than other sugary drinks; (51 calories v 138 calories in Coca Cola) I know it's still not great for you, but it reminds me too much of my youth!

Reading// I've not really been in the mood to read this week (I'm re-watching Gossip Girl, oops)  so I'm still reading Mary Kubica's The Good Girl but I have had a good browse through Glamour and the Lush catalogue; that counts, right?

Watching// I'm a massive Once Upon a Time fan and I'm now getting to re-watch them all with my mum. It's brilliant watching it with someone when you know what happens, especially when they are getting into it as well. She's screaming at the TV, it's actually brilliant. Though it's hard hating Regina again. Oh Regina, you exceptional character, you.

Wearing// Bandanas! Now I've had a my hair chopped, I'm finding that I can wear loads more hair accessories and it just looks too cute. I love bandanas; though I remember wearing them back in the 90s and I'm cringing a little. Think we'll cringe in another decade looking back on now? Anyway, I digress. Hair accessories, thumbs up.

Have you guys had a good week?

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