Monday, 19 October 2015

Neal's Yard Goody Bag

Picture of Neal's Yard Goody Bag

Picture of Neal's Yard Goody Bag

When I went to the Neal's Yard event in Manchester (review here) a couple of weeks ago, we were very fortunate to be gifted a little goody bag and I wanted to show you guys what we got. Inside the goody bag was this ridiculously cute make-up bag and I was already sold; who doesn't love a cute make-up bag? Inside was four items I was incredibly excited to try; Beauty Sleep Concentrate, White Tea Facial Mist, Wild Rose Beauty Balm and Organic Facial Wipes. 

Organic Facial Wipes// These wipes are lovely step in the cleansing process. They easily remove make-up, including stubborn mascara but I would use an eye make-up remover to get the most of it off. The smell is very botanical but I quite like that myself, definitely feels and smells organic!

Beauty Sleep Concentrate// Firstly, the scent to this is gorgeous. It contains Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang which just sent me to sleep so nicely. Beauty Sleep Concentrate is great for dry and oily skin, and my dry skin loved this a lot. It's really lightweight and just sinks into the skin with ease. My face loved this the next morning and it felt baby soft and my redness had significantly gone down.

White Tea Facial Mist// This little facial mist is a lovely product, even if I wouldn't get a lot of use out of it myself. I like the idea of using it when my face is feeling a little dry (after a shower, after taking my make up off) and it has been lovely but I don't see me using it or re-purchasing when it's done. Just one step too far maybe?

Wild Rose Beauty Balm// How I've not tried this yet is crazy; I love rose scented products. This three use wonder product has really astounded me just because of how multi-use it is. You can use this as a normal cleansing balm, rinsing off like normal or use it like an exfoliating balm by using a muslin cloth instead of water to take off. You can also use this to target dry patches by popping it on during your skin care routine. I used this as all three and I saw an amazing difference when taking off my make-up, I might have to get the full size.

I'd like to thank Neal's Yard once again for inviting me along to there blogging event, it was great event and the goody bag was a lovely added bonus!

Have you tried any of items I've talked about today?

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