Saturday, 10 October 2015

Autumn Primark Haul

Picture of Autumn Primark Haul

Autumn is here and I thought a quick trip to Primark was definitely in order to fulfill some lacking in the wardrobe department. The grey lapel coat was just too good to put down. Cosy and 40% wool, I was in love when I first saw it in tan, then I glanced over and saw the grey. It was meant to be, especially at £25. I also bought a couple of crew neck tops, £4 each and the colours are just so autumnal; I couldn't resist. They'll go perfectly with a few skirts I have, and under some new dungarees I waiting for from ASOS. They're a really nice fit but I have had to go up a good two sizes but I thick I'll survive.

I also couldn't resist these gorgeous buckle shoes. I'm sure I saw these on Instagram, or at least something similar, so when I saw a girl trying them on, I instantly pounced on her. They are only £14 and seem like they're going to be really comfy. I can't wait to team them up with some glittery socks.

Picture of Autumn Primark Haul

Picture of Autumn Primark Haul

The final little things are the cutest eye mask I have ever seen and these Tic Tac Mixers that I have never seen before in my life. Cherry and cola, they taste fantastic. I also bought some Moomin pyjamas which I have all of them from the past few years. Seriously, I cannot get enough. Moomin love.

Have you had a recent Primark haul?

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