Sunday, 6 September 2015

RSVP From Heaven Book Review*

As a English Literature graduate, books are one heck of a weakness for me. I love books and give every genre a go. I do have my favourites in the genre department and when Marie Saint-Louis asked me to review her book 'RSVP From Heaven', I was never going to say no. The way Marie writes this book is in a very intimate and down to earth style where you actually feel you're in the room with her as she gives her psychic readings. You don't have to be a believer to enjoy this book and really feel what Marie feels when she meets the so many different characters in her life. At the end of every chapter, which is a different psychic event in America, there is a little Spiritual Tip which range from life tips, to actually picking a good psychic medium. Marie Saint-Louis really lays herself for everybody to see in this book, and I really commend that. It left me feeling uplifted and I actually would recommend this to learn about something you might not now anything about. Thank you so much for letting me read a little about your life, Marie!

Would you give this book a go?

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