Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Autumn Shoes

Shoes, oh beautiful shoes! *insert heart eyes emoticon* You know when some people say you're either a shoes or a handbag kind of woman, I am definitely shoes. With a collection that lives in many different places in my house, I think I might have a genuine problem. Naaaaaah.

These three are recent additions to my ever expanding collection but I've not actually stopped wearing them since they've arrived. Each of the three just get me through any of my shoe days, being so different and going well with so much of my wardrobe.

ASOS Astronomical Pointed Ankle Boot - £38 (ASOS) // Clarks Navy Suede Brogues - £25 (Clarks - similar) // Vans Authentic ASPCA Kittens - £30 (Office)

The ASOS Astronomical Pointed Ankle Boot is came across I was randomly searching the ASOS pages and fell in love instantly. They came in 5 styles but the snakeskin versions have left a wriggly imprint on my heart. They are comfortable and just finish off any outfit nicely. For the next pair, I'm going to be that annoying blogger that shows you something you won't be able to find but they truly haven't been off my feet since I bought them. The Clarks Navy Suede Brogues are actually the most comfortable shoe I own. I can wear these without any socks (sexy, I know) and from day one I didn't have any rubbing or pain in any shape or form. I was stunned. They are cute as a button and who doesn't love a good brogue in their collection!? Talking of cute as a button, with the Vans Authetic ASPCA Kittens, there are kittens on my shoes, KITTENS. Seriously, Vans are an iconic brand now and nearly everybody will have a pair in their arsenal; mine just happen to have kittens on them. Could I really say no?

Have you got your autumn footwear sorted?

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  1. Lovely shoes! Those ankle boots are gorgeous. :)


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