Friday, 1 May 2015

Favourite iPad apps

Picture of Favourite iPad apps

Picture of Favourite iPad apps

Oh the iPad, the wondrous iPad. In a very 21st century way, I don't think I could be apart from my iPad anymore, which is sad and amazing at the same time. Today, I thought I'd give you a few apps that I use on a daily basis and maybe have you rooting through the App store yourself.

Hay Day //
Okay, hear me out. Do you remember Farmville on Facebook and how we all became strangely addicted to tending to our virtual farms but got so annoyed by asking other crazy virtual farmers for items that we all cowered in shame? Well not anymore! Hay Day has all the addiction but without the begging, winner! The animations are darling and Super Cell (the makers) have constant updates to keep you on your toes. Trust me, give it a go, it's addictive, but only in the best way.

The Photo Cookbook //
This app is free to download but does require a few pennies to unlock all of the recipes which, in my opinion, is definitely worth it. The Quick & Easy section is lovely and has a wide variety of recipes from Fish Goujons to Double Cheese Macaroni. There are also three other recipe packs; Italian, Asian & Baking, which are also worth the purchase for a lot of easy recipes in one handy package.

I have a shopping addiction, so thinking about it I probably shouldn't have this app but hey ho, what can you do? This app is ridiculously easy to use and makes shopping far too accessible. All linked up to your account, you're a few clicks from the iconic ASOS package arriving at your door. We all know how happy this makes us.

Goodreads //
If you're a complete bookworm like I am then you'll definitely benefit from this app. You can add books to your read, to read and currently reading bookshelves which I think is absolutely amazing. It's basically an online bookshelf where you can post and read reviews so you can always find a new book to read. Another addition is the reading challenge they put up every year where you can put in a number of books you'd like to read. It's a nice way of seeing how much you're reading, I love it.

Also, a little special mention to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. All fantastic versions of the online social media tycoons that are fast, reliable and let's face it, something we use on a very regular basis!

Do you have an app that I need to purchase immediately?


  1. Oh man I used to love HayDay! I had to delete it though because it was way too addictive!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Awww Hayley, get it back! The updates are AMAZING now! You can get puppies :D

  2. I love ASOS and Pinterest, and game wise - I must be crazy as I downloaded Candy Crush again haha xxx


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