Monday, 3 November 2014

Juci Wellbeing: 3 Day Detox: Review

Picture of Juci Wellbeing 3 day detox

Picture of Juci Wellbeing 3 day detox

Picture of Juci Wellbeing 3 day detox
Juci Wellbeing 3 Day Detox* (£94 introductory price) - Juci Wellbeing

Now, I'm guessing we've all had that point in the year (or many points) when we need to detox and have a body clear out and I made mine known publicly on Twitter one night after quite an amazing intake (if I do say so myself) of pizza. The next day, Juci Wellbeing, a new detox juice company from the North West of lovely ol' England came to my rescue. They heard my plea and asked if I would like to give their 3 day juice detox a go. I had an extensive look on their website and took the plunge and here I am telling all. I'm going to come clean straight away, a detox isn't for me. I have horrific stomach problems and a myriad of different problems stopped me completing the detox but I am here to tell you how lovely the juices and the company is. Juci Wellbeing provide fresh cold pressed detox juices which provides you with 30% more nutrients and minerals than your average juicer. They offer free delivery on a Tuesday and the juices must be refrigerated immediately, showing just how fresh they are. You start the cleanse on the Tuesday or Wednesday and boom, fresh as a daisy. Juices 1 and 4 are both Juci Boost, a juice made of cucumber, celery, broccoli and lemon which was probably my least favourite of the bunch. Juice 2 was Juci Shine, made with carrot, apple and ginger, this baby was absolutely dreamy, I could drink it all day.It gave me the energy I was craving and I was happy after drinking it. Juice 3 was Juci Lift, a beetroot based juice, was pretty satisfying and strangely good, and that's coming from a beetroot hater! If you are looking for a detox, I would recommend Juci Wellbeing. They are extremely professional every step of the way and the product is absolutely fantastic.

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  1. You're brave to do this! I think I would miss food far too much! x


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