Sunday, 4 May 2014

Top 3 Favourite Pixar Films

Picture of Top 3 Favourite Pixar Films

Picture of Top 3 Favourite Pixar Films

Picture of Top 3 Favourite Pixar Films

Yesterday, I gave you my Top 3 Disney films, today I give you my Top 3 Pixar films. Pixar, to me, and probably to a lot of others don't mix. They are separate and forever will be. When I was choosing my favourite Disney films, it was relatively easy, Pixar, on the other hand was SO difficult. Pixar can't actually do anything wrong and they put so much effort into every single film. Now for my picks...

1) Toy Story 2
Out of the three Toy Story films, the second has to be my favourite. The introduction to Jessie and Bullseye made the films what they are and I'll never get bored of this one. The airport scene at the end was just mind-boggling and I know that a lot people don't like this one compared to one and three but when you have a song like Jessie's Song, nothing wins.

2) Monsters Inc
Can we take a step back and remember that Boo was actually voiced by a small child that the producers just ran around with and taped the random things she was saying. I think that attention to detail is what makes Monsters Inc so lovable and why we fall in love with the relationship between Sully and Boo, a father/daughter relationship that is rarely portrayed seeing as the majority of father figures aren't actually there in Pixar films.

3) Ratatouille
This is one film that isn't mentioned a lot when people talk about the amazingness of Pixar and I really don't know why! An adorable clan of rats running around France and among them, a could be Michelin Starred chef! The idea is so ludicrous but as is the majority of Pixar and you can't help but wish that Remy the Rat does amazingly and fulfills his dream of being a chef!

Special mention:

What is your favourite Pixar film?

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