Saturday, 3 May 2014

Top 3 Favourite Disney Films

Picture of Top 3 Favourite Disney Films

Picture of Top 3 Favourite Disney Films

It's not often I delve into these kind of posts but I've been feeling a little weird about blogging recently so I thought I put a bigger spin of me on here. I don't know if you know this, but I'm a complete Disney freak and have been since around the age of 2 when I learnt how to use the VCR (don't judge me and my age here guys!) to put in a Disney film and sit and watch for hours. I thought that I'd show you my 3 favourite films and tomorrow I'll show you my 3 favourite Pixar films. I can't mix them, it's just not on!

1) Basil the Great Mouse Detective
This poor Disney classic does not get the recognition it deserves. C'mon guys, it's a mouse Sherlock Holmes, how can you not love it?! Seriously though, it has one of scariest Disney villains of all time in the shape of Professor Ratigan. He TERRIFIED me. Crazy rat nutcase trying to take over Victorian England, YOU MAD BRO?!

2) Mulan
I've always had a thing for Chinese history, and the legend of Mulan is no different. For a Disney adaptation, it hits all the right notes and to this day, if somebody utters the words 'let's get down to business', I will reply with 'to defeat the huns!' It's an absolute female empowerment film where the woman saves the day in a country where women mean practically nothing. MULAN, WE LOVE YOU.

3) Frozen
Can we just take a second and appreciate just was Disney has done with this film for female empowerment? Firstly, it completely mocks itself, and the classics when Elsa tells Anna she can't marry a man she just met. YOU HERE THAT CINDERELLA AND ARIEL, SIT YOSELF DOWN. Secondly, the man doesn't save the day! This moment killed me. It was beautiful and just fantastic to see. Lastly, it has the best Disney song to date with Let It Go. Letting everybody know that being yourself is more empowering than hiding yourself behind a veil. I could talk about this film for forever and day, it's amazing.

What are your favourite Disney films?

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  1. I almost watched Mulan last night but went with Lilo and Stitch instead. I think that my favourites would definitely have to include Hercules (I'm not sure why but it speaks to me, the whole finding where you belong thing), I love Mulan for its strong female lead, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin because they came out when I was the perfect age for Disney. Lilo and Stitch for its beautiful backdrops and cute story and Tangled for being one of the modern films to bring back my Disney love. I could go on forever (you'll be pleased to know I won't).


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