Saturday, 1 June 2013

Welcome home...

So, for my first post back from a very long time away from the bloggersphere I'm going to give you a recap of the past two months. As a lot of you know, I've just finished my undergraduate degree in English at Edge Hill University and because of silly situations in my second year, I had to work extra hard this year to be able to come out with a grade that I, myself, would be happy with. I know myself that I did this, now just to wait for the classification at the end of the month which is killing me but hey ho, let's go! 

I'm just going to give a handful of photos just to sum it all up, but hey, they have been my life the past two months! 

As you can probably tell, the first one is what took up the majority time, my dissertation. I've never felt so protective of a piece of work than this. Makes sense seeing as I was working on it for 9 months but yeah, I'm really proud of that piece of work, and I get develop it in my MA which is really exciting. The next three pictures are from Graduation Ball. An evening of ridiculously expensive drink and some of the best people in the world, some you can see. First up is David and I, dressed for an evening at Aintree Racecourse, I have to admit, he looks damn good in a suit! Last up is one of my favourite pictures of the evening. All of these girls made a significant difference to my university life, and are, I hope, friends for life. Thank you girls. And thank you to everybody at university I consider a friend, you're all top notch! 

Well, just a quick update from me, and now that this post is out there, breaking the ice and easing myself back into the blogging world expect this here site to be back up for business! 

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  1. I feel your pain with the dissertation, I handed mine in during April and it was so stressful, let alone the price of printing the darn less than three times!

    You look lovely by the way and I must say you look so different in your first picture compared to your blog picture; I love your hair straight :)

    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing


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