Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pay It Forward 2013

When I saw the lovely Laura from Life as an Hourglass' post on this, I don't think I have ever been so quick off the bat to join something. Ever. We all know how hectic the start of a year can be, with new resolutions and back to work/uni/school so Laura, the lovely that she is came up with a smashing idea! Pay It Forward! 

Pay It Forward is absolutely fantastic. The first five people that comment on this post, sometime in 2013, will receive a surprise from myself! It could be absolutely anything at all but I'm going to, myself, put some effort into this because this is supposed to be make you smile/laugh/cry/scream with happiness. I want to bring a little joy to someones life and this is the perfect way to do this! 

Now, the catch is, if you want to comment and be involved, you have to place a post on your blog doing the same thing including the below image of Laura's lovely face as well, she started this whole thing! Are you up for the challenge of ridiculously lovely fun!? If so, comment and await your gift but I shall check if you pop up a post as that's only fair so if you are one of my top 5, please send me a post, that'd be swell! 


  1. Sign me up babe! This will be my next blog - You should redo it. Amazing idea that might have just been overlooked due to Christmas! :) xoxo

    1. Yeah, probably but ah well :) I may re-promote it on Twitter this weekend! xoxo

    2. Yeah, Sign me up though hun. Feel free to sign yourself up on mine :) xoxo


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