Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sranrom Awakening Vitality Hand Wash: Review

Sranrom Awakening Vitality Hand Wash (£12) - Sranrom

Calming, beautifying and skin regenerating, this exotic blend has been developed using extracts from the leaves of Aloe Vera, Centella, and Moringa. These remarkable plants contain properties that make your skin look and feel wonderful. Add to this the calming properties from the essential oils of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, and you’ve got a vital combination for any woman.

Recently, I was offered something from the Sranrom collection to give a go and review on here and I really wanted to try something practical from the range so I went with the hand wash from the Awakening Vitality range. The range themselves have a mission and a philosophy, to care for mother nature and promote Thai philosophies of well-being. I absolutely love the scent that this hand wash gives, especially when I use it in the morning, really wakes me up which is great in time for a 9am lecture! I have noticed that my hands feel so soft and lovely after using this a few times. I really wish I could afford this on a regular basis as I do think, for a student, that £12 is rather steep for a hand wash but the body and hand lotions in this range are £14 and if they give the same result, with the same scent, I would definitely purchase one. Another brilliant thing with this brand is that it is cruelty free (!) and free from so many of the things you don't want in your products like SLES and parabens which for me, I love.

What do you think, is £12 too much for a hand wash? Have you tried Sranrom before?


  1. Ah I love this brand, the Awakening Vitality smells amazing right? Wish I was rich as well so I can buy their products T_T £12 is a little expensive for a handwash, since it's going to be used daily, it won't last long either!


    1. It really does smell amazing! So refreshing! That's my point, I wish it was a little less expensive because I would use this all the time!


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