Monday, 3 September 2012

Purely Natural Anti Dandruff Hair Oil: Review

Purely Natural Anti Dandruff Hair Oil* (£7.95)

Recently, the lovely people over at Purely Natural gave me the chance to pick something from their line of products to give a go, and as you can see, I gave an Anti Dandruff hair oil a try. I have to say, I suffer quite badly from dandruff, not the sexiest thing in the world but I always have, and always will most probably. I started using this product when I had just washed my hair and I just rubbed it in my palm and rubbed it on my head. Containing Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil and Tea Tree Oil I was expecting this product to really do wonders for my head and I did see a really big difference in my hair but my only quibble is that it makes my hair greasy by the next day so I started using this before I went to bed when I knew I'd be washing my hair in the morning and it still made the same difference. Just to let you know in case you're thinking 'I NEED THIS!', the Tea Tree Oil in the product is quite strong and you can immediately smell it, but once it's in your hair, I didn't smell it at all! I really enjoy this product and I'd probably repurchase this when I'm finding my dandruff is really playing up! 

Do you suffer from dandruff? What do you use to help?


  1. Wow, I'd love to try this!


  2. I suffer from dandruff, it's awful! I kept hearing about Head & Shoulders shampoo so I finally tried it and it actually worked on me! no more itchy!

    1. I used Head & Shoulders so much that my head ended up getting used to it! Now I just use a normal shampoo and something for the dandruff and I'm fine :D x

  3. Thanks for sharing this product which are very useful for us.


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