Sunday, 16 September 2012

Guest Post: Top 5 Nail Polishes by Charlotte from Charbuckss

Good morning my lovely readers :) Another brilliant guest post today, from the lovely Charlotte from Charbuckss! I love love love Charlotte's blog, and I think you should definitely go give it a look! Now onto Charlotte for a lovely nails post! 

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So first I must introduce myself, I'm Charlotte and I blog over at Charbuckss. It's a combination of my first and last name if you were wondering, and it just so happens to sound very much like a certain iconic chain of coffee shops. I live in Bedfordshire, England in a small and unexciting market town that I'd really love to get out of. I've just turned eighteen and have a love affair with nail polish. I blog about a variety of things, whatever's taking my fancy at the time really. I blog about nail art A LOT, I write recipes and I do a lot of lifestyles posts about my days out and holidays. In the past year I've managed to travel to Los Angeles, Barcelona and Poland, so if any of those places float your boat then be sure to check out my blog!

Thank you Anastasia for giving me the opportunity to guest post on your blog. Seeing as we're now in the lovely -ahem- season of Autumn, I thought I'd share my top five Autumn nail polishes (naturally). Now, just for the record, although Autumn is full of berry and nude shades, I'm never one to lock away my less 'Autumny' nail polishes. After all, sometimes the weather just needs a coat of bright nail polish to cheer it up!

The Top Five (L-R)
1. Models Own Peacock Green
2. Models Own Utopia
3. Models Own Beth's Blue
4. Models Own Betty Blue
5. Barry M Raspberry

It's a well known fact on my blog that I'm a lover (and slight addict) of Models Own nail polishes. So it was inevitable that the majority of my top five would be from that brand. I love the variety of shades, and the quality of the polishes. Beth's Blue and Utopia are two of my all time favourites, and are great for wearing all year round. Before I discovered Models Own I loved Barry M, and Raspberry is still one of the colours I still keep wearing, especially around the Autumn and Winter time. 

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and once again thank you Anastasia for having me on your lovely blog. If you do decide to check out my blog, then hopefully I'll meet you in the comments very soon! 

What are your favourite Autumn nail polish shades?

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Thank you so much for this lovely post Charlotte, I love Models Own as well! 

What is your favourite nail polish brand?


  1. I love Models Own nail varnish! Such a gorgeous range of colours! :)

    1. I'm a bit obsessed! Thanks for the comment :) x

  2. Love models own - shame they charge so much on international posting!

    1. Stupid international posting, it's stupidly expensive :( x

  3. I've just bought Betty Blue on Ebay, it looks lovely! :D x


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