Monday, 17 September 2012

Guest Post: Style it 3 Ways by Jasmine from Vintage Rose

Good morning everybody, it's the 17th September and the last of the guest posts! Today, it is from the absolutely lovely Jasmine from Vintage Rose. I adore Jasmine's blog, her outfit posts are absolutely brilliant and I think you should have a peek at it, you won't regret it. Now, onto Jasmine to give you a slice of her style :) 

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Hello! I'm Jasmine from 'Vintage Rose' if you'd like a nosey!

Big thanks to Anastasia for allowing me to feature a guest post on her blog! I have to say, I was a little unsure at first - I've never done this before but what a cool idea it is! 

Anyway, so I noticed Anastasia normally focuses on beauty so I thought doing a fashion post (which is probably as far as my expertise goes) would be a little different. This is my take on a 'how I style' post in which I attempt to style a patterned shirt in 3 different ways. I've used the same pattern shirt and lace cami in every look but styled them with other key pieces. I'm into experimenting so not every style will be to everyone's taste but I do hope you can appreciate it anyway! 

Thank you for reading my introduction and I hope you enjoy!

Lace vest-Primark
Lipstick-Red Kiss by Avon


This look is quite edgy but perfect for a casual day. The pattern shirt just adds what I like to call a 'touch of grunge' and paired along with a simple pair of jeans really makes the top the focal point of the outfit. The lace shirt underneath just adds a different dynamic, I personally think it looks a lot more interesting than a plain tee. Although boots are not mandatory in this outfit, they do look very effective - I've worn patent Dr Martens but worn with just military style boots would work just as well. I've just topped off the look with red lipstick and a sporty style pony tail-just the simple styles keeps the outfit fresh.


Lace vest-Primark
Lipstick-MUA Shade 15

This outfit is a little more adventurous than the first. I personally don't always feel the 'keeping the bottoms simple' concept which is why I've opted for these striped drainpipe trousers. They add a more edgy feel to the outfit in my opinion and gives the look a little more depth. I'm wearing quite detailed accessories because it adds a little bit of contrast. I didn't want a really bright lipstick because I think it would make the outfit a little more OTT and better suited for the evening, so this subtle salmon coloured lipstick works well. I've worn my hair down for an added feminine feel - a little less androgyny for now!

So here, I've tried to style the shirt with a pleated maxi skirt. It adds a little bit of a retro feel and feminises the oversize shirt. Autumn is dawning upon us so wearing this outfit with a leather jacket would look perfect! This maxi skirt practically hits the floor so I struggled to fit my shoes in the picture..but just for the record, I was wearing the same Topshop sandals. This again is a very simple look, there isn't a lot going on but it's still quite quirky. The suede bag just adds a colourful charm and the subtle lipgloss tops of the look!

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Thank you Jasmine for doing this post, definitely happy to have a little fashion appear on my blog :)

Which outfit of Jasmine's do you like the most?


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