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Guest Post: Love, Like, Loathe by Charlotte from J'adore

Morning again my lovely followers! Another guest post for you this morning, this time from the lovely Charlotte from J'adore :) Charlotte has a lovely little blog, which I very much enjoy reading and I think you should definitely give it a look :) Now, I give the floor to Charlotte! :)

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Hello! I'm Charlotte from J'adore and I am so excited to be writing a guest post for Sia as I love her blog so much, and today I am going to do a post that I originally saw on Bex's blog ages ago but never got round to doing, so thought I would write my first one for Dainty Desires!

Love - Mac Paint Pot in Barestudy

When I originally bought this a few months ago, it was pretty much instantly neglected due to some unknown reason however at the beginning of August, I put it in my make up bag, to remind me to use it and I'm so glad I did because it's now one of my must have products and I absolutely love it. It's a very subtle, shimmery nude base which makes any eyeshadow stay in place all day without creasing or fading and I will definitely repurchase it when I eventually run out.

Like - Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

 I heard so many raving reviews on this foundation and was in need of a new one so thought I would try it out however this is currently in the 'like' category because I am undecided on whether I love or hate it! It is definitely a medium to full coverage foundation and the shade selection are very limited which I think is poor for an established brand such as Rimmel however I found quite a good match in the lightest shade Ivory. When applied without a primer/base, it appears cakey, becomes shiny instead of dewy and it sits on the skin very unaturally making it very obvious that you are wearing foundation and for me, is to heavy for everyday wear. However when I apply it with a base, I use Clarins beauty balm, it transforms into a completely different foundation, making the skin look flawless, sinking into the skin beautifully and looking like a really great foundation. So..I'm undecided!

Loathe - No7 Eye Make Up Remover

Hate, hate, hate this. Maybe it's because I went from Bioderma to this, or maybe it's because it's just rubbish but I hate this so much. I think I'll just list all the terrible things about this product, so firstly I have to squirt 4 or 5 pumps onto the cotton pad to even get it remotely wet enough to remover my eye make up which means it's going to run out rather quickly = spending more money. Secondly, I have to rub so hard for it to get my non waterproof mascara and eyeliner off which isn't a great thing to do to the skin around the eye, especially when even then, only half of the make up comes off! Thirdly, I wear black eyeliner in my lower waterline every day so when trying to get that off, some of the product may get in my eye sometimes, and it stings horribly, like when you get shampoo or soap in your eye, which isn't pleasant at all! Overall, I think it's safe to say I won't be repurchasing this product..!!

Thank you so much for Sia for letting me write a guest post on her lovely blog and if you enjoyed it, I would love for you to pop over to mine!

Charlotte from J'adore xx

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I absolutely love these kinds of posts and I'm so happy Charlotte did one on my blog, and an absolutely brilliant one, thank you Charlotte :D 

Have you used any of these products? Do you like to Like, Love, Loathe posts?

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  1. I really like the Rimmel Foundation but I agree I have used it with a primer and it just ruined it. Thank for the tip on the no7 I have to admit I am not a huge fan of a lot of no7 products I got a primer from boots a few months back and it was horrible and sticky and made my face feel dreadful!
    Great Post!

    Callie x


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