Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Union Soul bloggers competition!

Let's get right down to business shall we? Union Soul is a small UK based jewellery mecca that is based over on Big Cartel that this week is having it's very own bloggers competition! It currently stocks handmade, affordable and unique pieces that I absolutely LOVE. I was SO lucky to actually win a competition run by Union Soul and was sent a gorgeous little bracelet that I literally cannot stop wearing!

The uniqueness of the jewellery is really what caught my eye at first and oh boy, oh boy, do I have a wishlist! The whole collection please? Really, no? Oh well, I thought I'd give you guys my top three items which I would kill to have in my collection! 

1) Arrow Suede Colour Bracelet (£4.75)

I LOVE this bracelet. How cute are the little arrow charms (very Hunger Games?) but I actually love the colour bands, I want them all and I think they could easily fit into a stack of different bracelet and fit in perfectly. If I had to choose, I think I'd definitely go for the blue, but that's just personal opinion, I like blue!

2) Stone Arrow Necklace (£8)

You might realise now that I have a thing for arrows. I don't know why but it could be down to my little love of history. I love Roman history so arrows kinda link in there, wahey. And this is blue, GET IN! I just think this is such a simple piece that you can dress up or down, and it's just very me. I love it! 

3. Sideways Cross Bracelet (£7.50)

Now, I'll admit this now, I don't have enough crosses in my jewellery collections and I don't really know the reason. I think it might be because it's summer and for some reason, crosses scream out winter to me so I think this kind of piece will be permanently hanging off my wrist. I love the crosses on this piece and how they are engraved again. This is a bracelet I would wear on its own, in all it's glory!

I really hope you have enjoyed my little wishlist here and if you want to know more about Union Soul and the bloggers competition then it's here for you lovely lovely people. I'll just go back to drolling now, it's what I'm best at.


  1. The arrow bracelets are beautiful!

    1. They really are! I keep coming back to them and having to tear myself away from them! x

  2. Big congrats to you! ^^ Suach a cute stuff! I love bracelets *_*

    Kisses From Europe

  3. I love the arrow bracelets, I've just read the 3 Hunger Games and am very tempted to buy one now!

    Hello from a fellow Mancunian btw! :) xx

    1. I really loved the arrow bracelets as well! I've not actually read the books xD I just like arrows, haha! Yay for Mancunians :D xx

  4. Those arrow bracelets are amazing, I love them!

    Amy xx


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