Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lush: Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb review

Lush Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb: Lush (£3.15)

Hey lovelies, tonight I really wanted to share with you my first Lush bath bomb in a looooooong time. I have to admit, Cinders is usually the only one I buy just because I love the smell of cinnamon, it really relaxes me because overly girly and floral smells make me feel quite sick. Well, I went in anyway, determined to find something for me because I wanted a Lush bath a lot and after a lot of sniffing (and funny looks) I sniffed this and pretty much ran to the till, I was SO excited. The sales guy made me even more excited telling me that this one was amazing to watch, and he wasn't wrong. It turned the water an incredible purple but inside the bath bomb is a smaller green one which gives the water green waves which is the Phoenix tails. So much thought has gone into this bath bomb and I have to say, it was the best bath I've ever had. The gold glitter (which there is a lot of so if you don't like glitter, steer clear!), the oils, the fragrance add so much to the experience and my skin still feels soft, 24 hours after. Absolutely worth every penny and I'll definitely be repurchasing this, over and over again.

Have you tried this bath bomb? Any recommendations for me?


  1. I'm glad you showed how it looks in the bath water, I love seeing Lush products work their magic haha. Reminds me that I haven't used some in a while, I should see what I've got in the drawer. :)

    1. Well I thought that's what the point of them is, can't not show them in the water, aha :)! I need to go and raid Lush so bad! xo


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