Friday, 1 June 2012

FRIVOLITY: Hello June!

So my loves, it's June. We're into the 6th month of the year and it's now technically a summer month and in fantastic British style, the sun goes back in as soon as it's supposed to be out. What did we really expect, eh? 

Anyway, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into what I wanted to do with my next few blog posts so you know what's coming up, and the list is:

- Mini haul post including magazine freebies (which we've all taken a running jump on!)
- What's in my handbag, because we all love a nosey
- And what's in my make-up bag!
- How my bedroom is currently set up just because I've had to move into the box room (wah!) and I have a ridiculous amount of things to store
- Currently reading... (I so needed to move away from uni books just for a little bit!) 
- My favourite books! 

I would love to do some NOTW posts as well when I can actually get the time to paint my nails but alas, my job forbids me to have my nails painted.

I hope you're looking forward to reading them because I'm certainly looking forward to sitting down and writing them!

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