Wednesday, 6 June 2012

FASHION: Day before Wednesday Wishlist #4

Hello lovelies! 

I have to say sorry first for being a day late, it's literally because I lost track of my days and I went at least 3 hours this morning thinking it was Tuesday. Oops, I think I need to get back to university already. 

So, let's get down to business, this weeks wishlist, and seeing as I get paid on Friday, I'll have to do my best not to buy it all!

1. Elephant Ring: Topshop £8.50 // 2. Noah's Ark Necklace: Topshop £12.50 // 3. Floral Standard Mid Year Organiser 2012/13: Paperchase £15 // 4. Gold Bead Necklace - Cat: Little Nell £8 // 5. Limited Collection Top Handle Multiple Pockets Handbag: Marks & Spencer £35 // 6. Bunny Print Invert Pleat Skirt: Topshop £34 // 7. Yellow 3D Daisy Burnout Vest: River Island £16 // 8. Spot Print Dress by Rare: Topshop £36

1. Ever since going to Chester Zoo, I've found a love for elephants and this ring from Topshop is just so sweet that if I do find them in store, I think I'll have to get them. 

2. And moving with the animal theme, who doesn't love the tale of Noah's Ark. This necklace has so much character and would give any outfit a dash of personality in my opinion.

3. I badly need to get myself organised and I've been toying with the idea with getting a filofax for a while, but when in Paperchase I saw this beauty. Prettier and half the price of a Filofax, I will DEFINITELY be buying this tomorrow when I'm in Manchester. I'm sensing another haul post, oh dear.

4. Whilst surfing blogs, as you do, I came across a blog post about Little Nell. A small online jewellery store which I will be buying from on Friday because I have literally fallen in love with this cat necklace and few other pieces. Wahey!

5. When I was in Manchester with my parents, we were wandering through Marks & Spencer and my eye was immediately drawn to this BEAUTIFUL bag. I think it'd be a perfect everyday bag and for £35, I think it's very reasonable looking at the quality of the material in general and how much use I would get out of it.

6. I love rabbits, too much and I am immediately drawn to anything with a bunny print and this gorgeous pleated skirt isn't any different. I think the colour is dead on trend as well as the pleats and girliness. I think it would be perfect with a white cami and the cat necklace above. 

7. I think this vest is a perfect summer staple for me from River Island and I think I'll have to invest for my holiday because of how bright and summery it is :)

8. As soon as I saw this dress, I fell in love. I love how demure it feels, with the neckline and belt, I'd feel very prim and proper in this dress, especially with a smart pair of brogues, ooooh, I love. 

All of my picks this week I literally can't get out of my head and I'll have to stop myself going a little mad with my first pay packet, eeep! Anyway, I hope you have a lovely rest of your Wednesday my dears!


  1. OMG I think I want almost everything here! The spotty dress + cat necklace + brown bag = so cute!! X

    1. I was thinking how cute that combo would we as well! I'm definitely buying the cat necklace tomorrow, eeep :D x

  2. Oh wow I love your list, the organiser is really cute. My friend works at Paperchase so I might nag her for some discount as their products are so cute.


    1. You're so lucky! Wish I could get some discount! Aha :) xx


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