Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Graze Day!

So, I have been a lover of graze boxes for a while now and seeing as I got a box today, I think I will share it with you guys!

The whole shabang! I love how great the boxes look in themselves. They always contain a little leaflet with all the nutritional info and a little face about one thing in the box. This week; pistachios! Mmm, pistachios. The whole box is fully recyclable so no excuses! 

Honeycomb flapjack: I've not actually tried this one yet and I am SO excited, and at 239 calories, a lovely little desert which will go great with a cup of good ol' tea :)

Mississipi barbeque pistachios: Now, I have had these before and they are so good that one the graze rating system they were definitely a 'love'! I can't get enough of these beautiful little nuts! Only 185 per punnet so a perfect little pick me up in the day!

Smoky red pepper gazpacho dip: I've not had this dip in a while but from what I can remember (and rated!) this was YUMMY and only 55 calories. Does it get better than that, really?!

Texan Corn Salsa: I've not actually had this one before so I will definitely have to tell you how this one is but it looks like my kinda punnet with it containing salsa almonds, black beans and roasted maize, and at 134 calories, no harm done :)

Now, if graze looks like something you want to try how about you use a little magic code off me to claim a free box? ;) And this is how it's done:
1. Go to
2. Enter this code: 35569C1D
3. Tell them where you are and what you like!
4. DONE! :D

Lots of love,
Sia xxx

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