Sunday, 13 May 2012

FRIVOLITY: Making the most of the sunny morning

Hi again my dears!

Last night, myself and David decided that if the morning was lovely we'd go for a walk around the woods near his house and this morning, low and behold, IT'S SUNNY! So we got ours shoes on and went for a wander. It was absolutely gorgeous! So peaceful, with lots of cute dogs rather excited over the weather that ran up to us on many occasions! I even got to see my first and second butterfly of the year :)

I love going for walks in this kind of weather, it just clears my mind and looking at how beautiful the world is really helps to de-stress :) I would recommend a walk to anybody who is currently stressed; it being exams, work life or family, the fresh air will clear your mind and make you smile! 

Here are a few pictures from our wander.

The horses that live next door to David's house. This one bounded over when it saw us and when it realised we had no food, off it went! 

I love the woods, trees make me smile :)

This is me!

This is me being an idiot. Welcome to my life!

Not a lot of pictures but you can see how lovely the morning was :) Nice to get out without being poured on!

Do you find walking a stress reliever? Been on a nice walk recently?

Lots of love, 
Sia xxx

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