Wednesday, 16 May 2012

FRIVOLITY: Graze day!

It's that time of the week again my dears, GRAZE DAY! Oh how I love this day of the week, and seeing as it's now officially summer it means trying to find a job and eating healthier for the summer weather ahead. So I changed my Graze box from the 'nibblebox' to the 'eatwell' box. Now, for somebody who can only have 1200 calories a day to be able to lose weight consistently, I think I might need to do another change of box, to the 'lightbox.' 

Now, the graze box options are: 
1. The 'nibblebox', the most popular of the boxes
2. The 'eatwellbox', which leave out the flapjacks and milk/white chocolate
3. The 'boostbox', which is the strictest of the boxes, leaving out all chocolate, olives, crackers, bread and flapjacks.
4. The 'lightbox', which contains the lowest calorie nibbles from 54 to 156 calories. This box leaves out nuts, flapjacks, seeds and dark chocolate. 

The 'lightbox' is definitely going to be the one for me, barely any calories and a few little treats as well :)!

Again, I just love how the boxes look. Very inviting and makes you want to dive in! 

Pitted olives with chilli and garlic: I've had these before and I LOVE olives. The heat of the chilli is a perfect amount, enough for taste and doesn't blow your head off! This little punnet is only 133 calories and in the corner you can see that it's a 'graze light' box. Olives are brilliant for anybody trying to eat healthier, the good fats are brilliant and calories are pretty low, but they do fill up your belly!

Ancient forest nuts - almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts: Now, we all now how good nuts are for you, with their fantastic fats but we also all know that they are also loaded with calories. It's not much of a win/win situation but sometimes you need to eat a few more calories to get the best of your diet! At the top of the punnet it says 'Omega - 3 packed walnuts are teamed up with vitamin E loaded almonds and hazels.'  So, for all of the 227 calories, you do get some fantastic benefits! 

Tomato dipinetti - slow cooked cherry tomato relish with rosemary grissinetti: This one is probably the best for me in the box. I know is absolutely lovely and it's only 97 calories. Does it get any better? 

Graze's perfect seeded granola - oats, sultanas, mixed seeds, honey, orange zest and spices. Okay, I've not had this one before and I am SO excited for the morning because this is definitely going to be my breakfast seeing as it's only 153 calories and I think it'll nibbe a perfect cereal! The honey, spices and orange zest really excite me, I think it's going to one tasty morning!

Overall, I'd give this box a 4 out of 5 just for me and me trying to cut down calories, otherwise it definitely be a 5 out of 5! 

If you want to try graze then why don't you use this code to get a free box? 
1. go to
2. enter the code: 35569C1D
3. tell them what you like and where you are
4. DONE! :)

Lots of love, 
Sia xxx


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    1. Oooh, nice to meet a new follower :) hope you like my ramblings!

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