Saturday, 19 May 2012

FRIVOLITY: A bit about myself

Hello there!

Seeing as I'm new to the blogging land of love, I saw this and thought I'd give it a go, because, well I'm guessing my small band of amazingly wonderful followers might want something to read on a Saturday night :)

So here we go...

Vital Stats:

Name - Anastasia Soldatos
Nicknames - Sia, Ana, Midge 
Birthday - 6th July 
Place of Birth - Manchester, England
Star Sign - Cancer
Occupation - Student/Customer Host at EAT :)


Hair Colour - Brown, extremely curly, slightly frizzy mess
Hair Length - Mid-length
Eye Colour - A darkish hazel 
Best Feature - I quite like my lips :)
Braces - Nope, but I'm sure I needed them :(
Piercings - Lobes, but I did have my helix, tragus, rook, lip (x3 - all at different times), nose and nape
Tattoos - 6 :)
Righty or Lefty - Righty 


Best Friend - I think it was a girl called Sarah, aha.
Award - Probably a swimming or attendance number
Sport - Probably rounders xD
Real Holiday - Cyprus when I was 2
Concert - Steps!


Film - It's a toss up between Catch Me if You Can or The Terminal
TV Show - Grey's Anatomy or Glee
Colour - Orange
Song - I really don't have one!
Restaurant - Frankie & Benny's
Store - New Look
Book - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Color Purple or The Black Dahlia
Magazine - Company
Shoes - Converse, always 


Feeling - very very ill!
Single or Taken - Taken
Eating - Nothing
Listening To - The Champion's League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea
Thinking About - my cold, aha!
Watching - the football!
Wearing - dark denim jeans, black cami, red checked shirt, spotty socks and slippers :)


Want Children - Not really
Want To Be Married - I'm engaged, so yes :)
Careers in Mind - I'd LOVE to work in publishing!
Where do you want live - Either in Manchester or York.

Do you believe in?:

God - Unsure
Miracles - Me finding someone to love, hell yes
Love at first sight - More lust I say
Ghosts - Definitely! 
Aliens - Yes, this thought does scare me though
Soul Mates - Yes :)
Heaven - I think so, that must mean I believe in God as well, so confusing!
Hell - If you believe in Heaven, should there be a Hell? AAAHHH.
Kissing on a first date - Aha, yes. 
Yourself - Yes :)

Anything else you would like to know? Just comment below!


  1. Very cool answers, I liked the post :) hope you are feeling better anyway ! ;) Kisses

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    1. Thank you very much :) And I am feeling a little better! Aha. And I will have a look at the giveaway! :D xx


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