Friday, 18 May 2012

FASHION: Make-up haul ♥

Hello there again :)

I think it's time for a confession. I am addicted to blogging. I am so sorry, but it just came out of nowhere, I don't know how to stop...

OH WELL. Want another haul post? Of course you do ;) I have to admit, haul posts are one of my favourite types of blog posts. They give you an idea of what's in the shops right now and whether you should go running to your local shopping centre or not! 

Yesterday, getting ready to pop into Wigan, I decided to go through my make-up (BIG mistake!) Everything I had was down to the last dregs, or I've had them since about 2008. I apologise (maybe this should have been my confession instead?) PLEASE FORGIVE ME! Anyway, my beautiful Benefit 'Some Kind-a Gorgeous' foundation finally decided to leave my side, and my Benefit 'Dandelion' blusher as well. WHY OH WHY?! 

My trip to Wigan then became a mission to get me some new make-up because let's face it, I can't go without, can I? TO BOOTS! (only because I had a voucher for 200 points when spending £20 - I can't say no to money-like points!) Now, let's get down to business, the purchases:

Rimmel - Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 26
£3.99 (RRP £5.49) in Boots

I haven't actually seen the Kate Moss lipsticks before so when I was having a gander I was instantly attracted to this one. I'm not the most adventurous of lipstick wearers (I only have 3, and one my mum gave me!) but I love this nude colour. I (obviously) don't have a colour like this in my collection so I thought 'why not?!' I took the plunge. Once my lips are in better condition I'll put a post up about this one :) I also really love the packaging. Really sleek looking but it does make me want to change my name to Kate, hmm.

Rimmel - Wake Me Up foundation in 100 - ivory, 30ml.
£8.99 in Boots

Now, it's you ladies that made me pick this one up. I usually HATE liquid foundations but seeing as I'd don't have the money to re-buy Benefit I chose to go against the little voice on my shoulder and picked it up (plus, the packaging is orange, I LOVE orange!) Now, after  1877284684647632 swatches, I had to go for ivory. Now, if you look at me, I'm not an ivory so this was a surprise, but hey, if it covers my face without me looking like a crazy one, I'm now an ivory lady! 

Rimmel - Stay Matte pressed powder in 005 - Silky Beige
£3.99 in Boots

I shine, I'm a shiner. THIS KILLS ME EVERYDAY. I'm hoping that this lovely little round bundle of make up joy will keep my shining at bay. Plus, it says natural, who doesn't love natural? I decided to go with Silky Beige mostly because they didn't have Peach Glow but I do like how Silky Beige looks so all is good!

Rimmel - Match Perfection Blush in 001 - Light
£5.99 in Boots

I think you've figured it out by now, I really like Rimmel products, now I'm hoping this little haul really makes me continue to shop with Rimmel, just because I like the price. 4 items for the price of 1 foundation from Benefit, yes please. Maybe when I'm raking the money in I'll run back to Benefit with open arms crying with joy, but for now, whilst I study my life away for that money racking job, I will stick with Rimmel! I LOVED the colour of this blush, especially the 3 different joys of pink wonder! Can't wait to get it on my face!

Now, I know these aren't make up but just look how cute they are! I love owls (who doesn't?!) and for £1.50 I couldn't say no. I just fell in love! 

This has been quite a long post, hope I've not bored you silly :)

What do you think of my haul? What's your favourite make-up brand?


  1. I love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, use it everyday! Pretty colour blush too :)

    1. I've used both this morning, the Stay Matte powder is now an essential for me, I love it. And the blush too! Looks so pretty on :) x

  2. I'm a huge fan or rimmel at the minute, i always get the 3 for 2 offers too, that rimmel wake me up foundation is what i use now, its replaced my old MAC favourite to, :) and i use that pressed powder too,

    I've not tried the lipsticks from the kate moss range, maybe you should do a post and show us how it looks :)

    love them owl earring btw, so cute.

    x x x

    1. Everybody seems to love the Wake Me Up foundation, it's definitely converted me back to liquid, just goes on so nice :)

      I think I might :) I need to sort my lips out though! I definitely need to invest in a lip scrub, toothbrush just isn't cutting it!


  3. I looove the Kate Moss Rimmel lippies, I have three! I also have that powder and it's very good. Cheap and does the job, what more can we ask for? :)x

    1. Exactly Gabriela, exactaly :D I really love mine, I will do a review soon :)why oh why are my lips being bad to me! x

  4. cute earrings! do you want to follow each other on google friend connect? if so, follow me and i'll follow back :) xxx

    1. Thank you :) and I'll go and have a look at your blog now :) xxx


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