Sunday, 2 August 2015

Do you know about Vitamin D?

Ever felt constantly groggy and tired for no reason at all? Aches and pains, again for no reason? It might not just be 'life' guys, you might actually have a vitamin D deficiency. I wanted to write this post because it's actually worrying the amount of people that so through life with these symptoms and don't pop to the doctor for a simple blood test, thinking that they are normal symptoms of having a busy lifestyle. Personally, I was getting shin splints really easily and quite badly that made me pop to the doctors. I knew it wasn't normal that I couldn't even power walk to the train station after work. I was also REALLY tired, like unusually tired. I don't think I remember not feeling tired to be honest. When my blood test results came back and the doctor said I was massively deficient, it didn't surprise me.  

Picture of a Vitamin D blog post.

The 'Sunshine' vitamin is actually a little difficult to produce, by a little, I mean bloody annoying in the UK, especially with the limited sunshine we actually get. Thanks rain, another one up on us all. With only 10% of your recommended daily amount can being found in food, it's practically impossible to get the amount we need. So, knowing that, a few fun facts for you! Up to 50% of the white population of the UK is likely to be deficient, 90% of the multi-ethnic population and a quarter of all children and there has been a 4x increase in a Rickets diagnosis in kids. RICKETS! I don't know about you but I was sure that had pretty much disappeared after the Victorian era. This was a disease that was associated with poor children in the slums of Victorian England. That's a little terrifying.

I wanted to write this post because it genuinely does scare me that so many people are getting diagnosed with this deficiency and we don't really know how to even get it. It's not something we're taught about or really even told about. Obviously, we can get it from being out in the sun for around 15 minutes a day but popping on sun cream will stop any vitamin D being absorbed so if you do burn easily, I would recommend a supplement. They are actually really easy to get hold on, and actually quite cheap. I use this Vitamin D supplement from Holland & Barrett which is £17.99 for 250 tablets so when you're only taking one a day, it comes to around 7p a tablet. Worth it if it stops you from getting diabetes, tuberculosis, rickets and broken bones, eh?

Do you know enough about Vitamin D?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

St Helen's Farm: It's time to give Goats a Go!

St Helen's Farm and Purple Cow PR kindly sent me a lovely hamper of goats milk goodies* and when they say hamper, I mean super crazy generous hamper; with a lovely TY teddy to boot. 

Picture of St Helen's Farm dairy products

Meet Goatee, my new and amazing TY teddy. When I was younger, every time my mum went away on business she would come home with a new TY teddy for and my sister so when I saw Goatee, I actually squealed with excitement. Thank you so much St Helen's Farm, I love it. I also really love the packaging of the products, friendly goat and bright colours really do catch your eye on the supermarket shelves, perfect.

Picture of St Helen's Farm dairy products

Now onto the products, which included skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk, yoghurt, fat free yoghurt, small pots of flavour yoghurts, goats butter, spreadable cheese and two block cheeses, mature and mild.  I was already a fan of a couple of the products; the milk has been in my tea for months and goats butter has graced my butter dish for a very long time. I don't think I could ever go back to normal butter and milk. A lot of people have noticed that they can't digest dairy very well and I'll tell you now, goats milk and the rest of the products are really for you. I've not felt any IBS symptoms since switching completely and this is an absolute miracle for me. I've suffered with stress related IBS for a good few years but I have noticed that dairy and gluten do have an impact on it also; goats milk hasn't flared me up at all so here's to staying in my fridge. 

Picture of St Helen's Farm dairy products

The yoghurts have been a welcome surprise, especially the lemon yoghurt, which tastes exactly like a lemon cheesecake, YESSSSS. My least favourite had to be the large pots of yoghurt but that's just down to not really being a yoghurt fan. There is an unusual taste but the health benefits will outway to cons of this product for a yoghurt fan. On the other hand, the cheeses are an absolute dream. You can't beat cheese and crackers, can you? Goats cheese does have a slight milder taste than cows cheese, but the mature cheese in this bunch packs the punch you're after.

All in all, I really think you should give it a go, especially if you have noticed that you might have a slight intolerance to dairy; or try it and see if you notice a difference in your body! 

Have you ever tried St Helen's Farm goats milk and dairy products?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Race for Life with Brioche Pasquier*

Yesterday I took part in and finished my first Race for Life 5k and it happened to be the Pretty Muddy obstacle course as well. I'll tell you now, it was brilliant and I absolutely loved it.

Picture of Race for Life with Brioche Pasquier

Picture of Race for Life with Brioche Pasquier

The lovely folks from Brioche Pasquier sent me some lovely bits to get me through my race and my training and also gifted me with a £50 donation to Cancer Research. Thank you so much guys, it's really appreciated. I obviously wore my tee in the race, nice and pink, and the water bottle came in rather handy also.

Picture of Race for Life with Brioche Pasquier

Let's have a quick word about these lovely Breakfast Brioche loaves from Brioche Pasquier. Full of chocolate chips and seeds they really are a lovely way to start the morning. I know I can be in quite a rush in the morning so one of these in my bag is a life saver. The seeds in here really do help to fill you up and really do taste great.

Picture of Race for Life with Brioche Pasquier

Picture of Race for Life with Brioche Pasquier

Picture of Race for Life with Brioche Pasquier

Now onto the race itself, and some sexy pictures of myself pretty muddy. The Pretty Muddy 5k obstacle course is exactly what it says on the tin. You start off like any other 5k and you encounter around 7 obstacles along the way that involve climbing, ducking and getting yourself very very muddy. It's a lot of fun and I'll definitely be signing up again next year, hopefully with a couple of friends. Just make sure you properly limber up, I think I may have pulled my groin slightly. Told you I was sexy, didn't I? If you fancy donating anything to Cancer Research, my JustGiving page is

Have you ran, or going to run the Race for Life this year?