Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bride: The Wedding Show - GIVEAWAY

With the Bride: The Wedding Show a week away, the lovely ladies at Carousel PR have given my lovely readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to the event. Last month, I wrote a post all about the wedding show of the year and you can read it here. Bride: The Wedding Show is the North-West's most prestigious wedding event and it's back for the 14th year and I can't wait to get myself there as well. I'll be taking my mum and I can't wait to swoon over some beautiful dresses and flowers. Maybe it'll give me some inspiration to get some of the details down for my wedding! 

There will be so much going on on the day including a wedding dress show on the runway, but there will also be a chance to see some of the best wedding performers as well. I am so excited for this because, let's face it, a good performer can make the night at a wedding.

So, here are the details:
Dates: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th February
Place: Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire
Prize: Two weekend tickets to the event
Closing date: Thursday 4th February 

There will be one winner picked at random and all you have to do is comment on this blog post with what you're most excited to see at the event. 

Good luck!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

National Holiday's Christmas Hamper*

I think we all know how much Christmas means to us all so when National Holidays asked if I wanted to blog about a lovely Christmas hamper and join them with some Christmas cheer, how could I say no? National Holidays sent me the most lovely hamper full of just the cutest little treats including some fluffy mittens, a Christmas Garland Yankee Candle and a lovely mug to have a hot chocolate in. 

Christmas Hamper

I've already enjoyed an amazing hot chocolate because let's face it, one of them after a hard day at work snuggled up in a onesie, it's sheer bliss. I really can't wait to use the Mulled Wine Spice as I really want to make it as strong as I would like it, and I get to pick the red wine myself! 

What I love about hampers like this is that it reminds of being at a Christmas market, but at home. I have already visited the Manchester Christmas Markets countless times but I think next year might be the turn of popping along to a different country and sampling what they have to offer. I am desperate to get to Germany one year and see where the markets originated. National Holidays offer a range of coach trips from various locations in Manchester to amazing Christmas Markets in Germany, Bruges and Paris which just sounds perfect!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How Dermaroller can improve the appearance of your skin*

Now, I've never heard of Dermaroller but when I was asked to publish this post, I did a little research and it seems everybody has an opinion on this treatment so I thought it might be a good little article to publish to see how it goes down with you guys as well. I think that the down points are much like having a tattoo, you always have a risk of infection but keeping the area clean and this minimises by A LOT and it's the same here. What do you think of this? Have a read below.


Are you tired of how your skin is starting to look as you get older? Most people have that frustration. It seems like one day you woke up and your skin was just different, right? Maybe it seems thinner, or maybe you have wrinkles that weren't there before. In any case, Dermaroller might be able to help you, but first you need to know why your skin looks the way it does.

Picture of how Dermaroller can Improve the appearance of your skin

How Skin Damage Occurs Over Time //
Skin damage happens for two main reasons. The first is that certain processes within the body are meant to slow down as we age. As teenagers and young adults our bodies produce more of substances like human growth hormone (HGH) and collagen. Both help to give out skin its smooth, supple appearance. But those levels naturally drop off as we get older.

The other reason for skin damage is environmental influences. That could include anything from chemicals in the daily products we use to smoking cigarettes, getting too much sun exposure, or eating an unhealthy diet. But whatever the reason or combination of reasons is, Dermaroller may be able to improve the appearance of your skin.

A Dermaroller Treatment Encourages Collagen Production //
Dermaroller also goes by the name “micro-needling,” and the reason is obvious. The tool used for the procedure is covered in needles. The needles are extremely small, but there are a lot of them covering the tool, which is designed to be rolled over the skin.

The Dermaroller process encourages collagen production in the body to increase because it causes minor damage to the skin. That damage causes the body to produce and release more healthy components in order to make repairs. Basically, it's a way to trick your body into fixing itself up a bit. Those repairs are especially good for your skin. If you have ever used aesthetic equipment to treat skin problems before, that process should sound familiar to you.

Where to Have the Micro-Needling Therapy //
There are many medical clinics and skincare spas that offer Dermaroller treatment. If you are interested in having it professionally done, you should look for a local clinic or spa that offers the service you want. Make sure that they have a good reputation. You may even be able to get a referral from your own doctor or dermatologist. They are likely to know the best treatment facilities in your local area.

Of course, you can also perform a Dermaroller treatment in your own home. The at-home kits vary in cost, with some being as inexpensive as $30. However, you should know that professional treatments tend to work better, produce faster results, and come with fewer risks.

Dermaroller Risks and Side Effects //
You might think that pain is the biggest side effect of Dermaroller, whether you have a professional or at-home treatment. However, topical anesthetic lotions or gels can be used to numb the area before the procedure starts. So, pain is not as much of an issue as you might think.

The biggest risk associated with Dermaroller is the risk of a skin infection. That risk can be minimized by keeping the area clean before, during, and after treatment. If you have a professional treatment, your technician may also give you a medicated lotion to apply to the area after you go home. Other minor side effects you could experience include temporary bleeding or oozing, as well as a little redness and swelling.

Like most skincare treatments, Dermaroller isn't right for everyone, and a single treatment may not totally fix the problem. So, you will need to weigh all of the risks against the potential results before you choose a final skin treatment plan.

*This is a collaboration post

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Design by IO Print & Giveaway!

At the moment, I'm currently living at home with my parents and my fiancé saving up the the well needed dosh for a house deposit. This means we only have one room to ourselves so I'm always looking for little bits to make it a little more comfortable and our own space so when the lovely Helen from Design by IO offered me one of her lovely prints, I jumped at the chance.

Me and my fiancé, David, are big travellers, or at least want to be big travellers and see as many places as possible so the 'Wanderlust' print was right up our street. Design by IO is all downloadable prints making life so much easier that I can just print it myself and frame it there and then. I can't wait to go frame shopping soon and pick one out for it. Here is a lovely picture of the Wanderlust print from the Design by IO website because, unfortunately, my printer ran out of ink as soon as I went to print.

Picture of Designs by IO Wanderlust Print

Designs by IO have some lovely Christmas prints going on right now as well and I might have to pop a little order to have one of the fire place over Christmas. My favourites have to be the Candy Cane and Swinging Bauble. 

Picture of Designs by IO Candy Cane Print

Picture of Designs by IO Swinging Bauble Print

Now for the giveaway; Helen has offered a lucky winner a downloadable print and it's this gorgeous Rose Gold XO print. It's so blogger friendly being in the lovely rose gold shade and I thought you guys would love it.

Picture of Designs by IO Rose Gold XO Print

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- The competition will run from 25th November to 2nd December midnight to midnight
- Winner will be contacted via Twitter or email
- Winner will be sent a code to download their prize from the Design by IO website
- If the winner does not get in contact within 1 week, a new winner will be randomly chosen

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Why I Love The WWE

Now, I don't know if you know this about me but I am an absolute WWE geek. I've actually only got into the past 2 years because of my fiancé and I so wish I watched it when I was younger and got the full experience of watching my favourite win the biggest title.

WWE gets a bad wrap for being 'fake' but it's never said anything to say it isn't. Let's get this straight, it's all story-lined; so basically pimped up soap in my eyes. There is a major thing in this, is that these athletes (and trust me, they are very much athletes) do go in the ring every night and put their bodies on the line all in the line of sport entertainment. I wanted to give you a few reasons to why I love watching it, and always will.

Total Divas // This is the reality spin off show of the women wrestlers in WWE. I know a few friends that started watching Total Divas on E! and then went on to watch WWE in total. The women are all amazing people, putting their careers above all else and are complete role models. They are strong and amazing what they do, putting so much effort into everything. Just look up Nikki Bella, Natalya or Paige, you'll fall in love with them; I have.

Charity // WWE give back to the community SO much it's unreal and they have their own charity; Connor's Cure. Connor was 8 when he died from medulloblastoma, a rare tumour that affects the brain and spinal cord. Connor was the biggest WWE fan and before he died his wish was to meet his heroes, and he got that wish. The WWE stars fell in love with Connor and his amazing attitude and in his honour they created Connor's Cure; raising money in conjunction with Children's Foundation at Children's Hospital of Pittsburg that supports brain tumour research. Not only do they have Connor's Cure but they are constantly helping others and making children's wishes come true. I adore any company that put this amount of effort in.

Health // Each and every WWE Superstar and Diva are the pinnacle of health, and they promote this always. They all have to be a the peak of their fitness, and when I see them, let's face it, I want to be them. Nikki Bella has the absolute body of a goddess and she's always striving for her best, and I can't not love this part of the WWE, especially when I need a kick up the bum.

Have you ever watched WWE?